We have the hose snagging problem 'covered'...


What are they?

"We have designed HoseWraps to prevent ridged dust extraction hoses for power tools and vacuum cleaners from snagging on edges, workpieces and furniture"

Simplified > a cover for extraction hoses


More about HoseWraps

Protects surfaces and edges allowing for smooth continuous work

Keeps your hose clean and protected

For all ridged hoses from 20-50mm in diameter and up to 7m in length, Most popular size is 3.5m

Quick and simple to install 

Power tool cables can be fitted inside the HoseWrap sleeve (where they can be disconnected from the power tool)

HoseWraps do not affect the flexibility of the hose

Can be installed onto branded hoses including Festool, Bosch, Numatic Henry Hoovers, Mirka, Dewalt & many more 

For use in the workshop, garage and home 



We have added heatshrink to all our HoseWraps to give a neat finish to the ends. Whether its a new HoseWrap or one that you have already purchased and would like to add to, we have it covered


"Power cables can be fitted inside HoseWraps"

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