What size of hose can HoseWraps be fitted on to?

HoseWraps can be fitted to all ridged hoses from 25-50mm in diameter and up to 7m in length for are standard sizes. Most popular size is 3.5m

Can you provide a custom length HoseWrap?

We certainly can. Send us a message and we'll do are very upmost to accommodate.

How long does it take to install?

We provide fitting instructions that comes with every HoseWrap. It should take about 10 minutes

Can HoseWraps be installed on retractable hoses e.g. Dyson vacuum cleaners?

No, sorry 😔

Where can HoseWraps be used?

Almost everywhere -  workshop, garage, home...

We also use them on Numatic Henry Hoovers and other vacuum cleaners (And you can too)

Can be installed onto branded hoses including Festool, Bosch, Mirka, Dewalt & many more. 

Will HoseWraps affect the flexibility of the hose?

No, it will not

Can I fit a cable inside the HoseWrap, e.g. Festool plug-it cable?

Yes! Very easy to fit and keeps the cable out of the way