Green HoseWrap

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HoseWraps are designed to prevent ridged extraction hoses from snagging on edges, workpieces and furniture.


> Can be fitted to all ridged hoses from 25-50mm in diameter and up to 7m in length, Most popular size is 3.5m

> Can be installed onto branded hoses including Festool, Bosch, Numatic Henry Hoovers, Mirka, Dewalt & many more 

> Protects surfaces and edges allowing for smooth continuous work

> For use in the workshop, garage and home

> Quick and simple to install   

> HoseWraps do not affect the flexibility of the hose

> Keeps your hose clean and protected

> Power tool cables can be fitted inside the HoseWrap sleeve (where they can be disconnected from the power tool)

> Not suitable for retractable hoses (e.g. Dyson hose)

Box Contents: Green HoseWrap sleeve, tape, 2 pieces heatshrink and instructions 


Available for 3.5m, 5m, and 7m hoses


Other lengths are available to order, Please fill in the contact form with the length and diameter of hose.